Ticket to Heaven

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Today in this so called modern world, we require to prove eligibility such as a pass / ticket / coupon to enter into a hall or a event or any special place. A hall ticket / Exam pass is required for a student to attend his/her exams. A School formly requires the student to own a ID card to enter. If failed to own the pass / Ticket / ID Card the existence of your presence in that place will be strictly questioned.

Likewise will we have 12 Doorways in Heaven. There are angel’s on each of the 12 Doorways. For us to enter into Heaven to attain eternal life, the angel’s would Question us

“Brother/Sister Did you live as per the Holy Bible ?”

So only those people who lived as per the Bible will be getting the entry pass. What is on this Bible ? The Birth of Human, The death of Human due to sin and God promising that he would save mankind from death. God sent his own son Jesus Christ to this world to die for the mankind’s sin. He will conquer Death. He will rise up alive again. And ye who believes in him will also defeat death and rise again. He spoke against satan as such. There are 66 Books in the Holy Bible, but on the first book itself God says

“satan, thou hast brought humans to death via sin, but there will come one to defeat your death”

Then spoke God through prophets of How? and When? He will come. And Jesus came in the Bible in the New Testament, the second partition of the Bible. Jesus bring born in Israel, lived for 33 and a half years on this earth. He came and fulfilled the promise of God by submitting himself unto the death of the cross. People beat him, killed him and then buried him but He rose up on the third day saying “Oh! Death where is thy conscience?”. Till then had no person rose from the death and go to heaven. Jesus was the first to rise from the dead and Go to Heaven.

Before departing to Heaven, he looked unto the 12 disciples and saidGo ye all and say unto everyone, People were caught up with death. People who died were unable to enter into Heaven. But thou say that I am the way, the truth and the life. No one enters to Heaven except through me. You shall ask them to ask me to Forgive their Sins and ask them to Live for me, The guide to the path is in the Bible. Ask them to Follow the path Commanding the disciple Jesus sent them away.

By the way Hell is Real Read the Proof

The 12 disciples went each of them to each part of the world. One of them was Thomas who came into India. Through Jesus is the Transformation of mind, Through Jesus is the remission of Sins, Through Jesus Christ only shalt thou enter into Heaven preaching did the 12 disciples on their way. This is all in the Bible.

Whoever believed my word, will I come again to quicken them from the Grave and to Judge the people who did not believe this is the End context from the Bible. So, is it all ? No, there is Prophecy, Promises and proverbs and laws of the world. So in-spite all this Bible says just one thing “JESUS CHRIST”.

So us? How will we enter into Heaven ?. The angel will Question us “Did you live as per the Bible?” So if you lived as per the Bible, it means

  • You received the forgiveness of sin via Jesus Christ
  • You believed in Jesus
  • You lived as Jesus lived on this earth

Who ever has done these, for them will the Gates of Heaven be open. There is no death for them. There is no hell for them. They will be living in a endless eternal life.

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God Bless You.

This passage is extracted from Web-series Searching for the Lost S01e57 Hosted by Linotes Yango Watch the Whole Video [In Tamil Language] here