One day a man was very Depressed. So he sought out for doctors so that he could get treatment from him and be cured of Depression. He went out and asked his neighbor’s for which doctor to visit, and the neighbor’s sent him to a specific doctor. He went to the hospital to meet with the doctor. The Doctor asked him “What is your problem?” For which he replied “ I am Very much troubled in my mind, There is no peace in my mind. There is no calmness in my mind, I know not what I should do? ”. The doctor replied “Don’t worry It is just a sickness of mind. Be happy. It will be okay”. The man replied saying “I am unable to be happy”. So the Doctor said unto him “There will be a Circus in the certain place. You go and participate in a event. For there is a Clown in that circus he makes everyone so happy. He can make a Crying person laugh. He makes them happy those who are in troubled mind. He has a gift of making other’s Happy.” The man replied “Doctor, would you mind if I tell you something?”. The Doctor said “Yes, Go ahead”. The man replied “I am the Clown, I make everyone smile but there is no happiness or peace in my life, Thus came I searching for you”. The Doctor was Shocked. Were you shocked too?

There are so many problems in our life. We pretend to be happy in front of others but the truth is we don’t have peace in our mind.

Matthew 11:28

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Saying, the people reading this blog, Are you not with true happiness in your life? God is only one who provides True Happiness and Joy. You could earn yourselves education, money, house etc. but happiness in mind will be possible only via Jesus Christ. As we were yet sinning the devil took away the happiness. He took away the calmness. But to give back the happiness and Calmness Jesus came to the earth. Thus ask him to give you PEACE OF MIND, He surely will give you happiness and joy.


God Bless You.

This passage is extracted from Web-series Searching for the Lost S01e54 Hosted by Linotes Yango Watch the Whole Video [In Tamil Language] here




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Christian Blogs. Subscribe to our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/kirupasanammedia

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